Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The Wellington Lantern Festival began in 2015 with strong association with Wellington Night Market. The festival has grown so large that it has now become a stand-alone event! With that, Events New Zealand Charitable Trust was created. Not only will this trust proudly bring you the annual Wellington Lantern Festival but many other events.


With this new brand means opportunity for new designs! Instead of using the traditional Chinese lantern shape, we created an abstract oriental lantern as the logo. The Wellington Lantern Festival derives from Chinese culture but has developed and become a celebration of culture, creativity and good fortune for the entire NZ community. Even though we have a National Children’s Lantern Competition, this event is still strongly tied to Wellington. Our roots are here and therefore the design of the logo had to reflect that of the capital city famous for creativity.


The bright and gradient colour palette of the logo, comes from the idea of a carnival of light and colour. The multitude of colours used, also reflect Wellington and all its creativity and inclusivity. The logo needed to present a new generation of events that is diverse!

We have created three characters incorporating many different lanterns which will be showcased in the Wellington Lantern Festival 2020. The concept of creating the character for the poster comes from Chinese legend, where a creature is made up of many other different animals. Therefore, our characters are made up of different things depending on an individual’s imagination. We wanted the audience to get involved and guess what they think the 2020 lanterns could be!!!

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