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The Teuila Flower

Samoa’s lantern depicts the Teuila (English: red ginger), which is Samoa’s national flower. The Teuila is therefore synonymous with Samoa, especially since the establishment of Samoa’s annual cultural festival in 1991 (Teuila Festival), which has been named after the flower. Its red petals are often used for flower decorations and to create ornaments which are worn during cultural performances.

The flag of the Independent State of Samoa was first acquired on 24th February 1949 and later adopted for Samoa’s Independence on 1st January 1962. The symbolic flag display the white stars of the Southern Cross. The blue background represents freedom while red is representative of courage as well as being a traditional Samoan colour as portrayed by the red ‘ula fala’ which is a ceremonial necklace used at formal occasions.

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We will be selling Samoan traditional items, t-shirts, etc  including Samoan food 

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