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Display of Poland’s culture through food and performance

Poland is a stork paradise. Each year in spring, 25 percent of the total population of these birds fly to Poland, which makes us the world's top country in this respect and provides grounds for the claim that every fourth white stork is a Pole. Stork for us is a symbol of travel and migration.  How fleeting a subject especially in these non-travelling times…The history of departures from the Polish lands is hundreds of years old. People travelled to different parts of the world including New Zealand for sustenance, in search of freedom, or for a different life. The journey was tackled on foot, by rail, aboard ships or – later – airplanes. Today, almost everyone knows someone who chose emigration. In 1872 first Polish settlers came also to New Zealand. Today Polish New Zealanders are hardworking and committed members of the New Zealand society, contributing to the splendid growth of this magnificent and hospitable country day by day.

In the booths we will have booklets, games, food. More details will be provided later on

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